Monday, January 31, 2011

Last Saturday (Jan 29) we drove to Vernal to pick up some boxes and the kids and I went along. It was a long drive but we had fun!

We got to see the Utah Field House of Natural History State Park museum. The boys loved the museum especially Andrew who knows all kinds of dinosaurs he could see.

We also got to see the Vernal Utah Temple.

The Vernal Utah Temple was the first temple built from an existing building—the Uintah Stake Tabernacle. A modern temple was built within the shell of the gutted tabernacle, which had fallen into serious disrepair and had not hosted a stake conference since 1983.

The Vernal Utah Temple was the tenth temple built in Utah.

I'm glad we went along and meet my friend Susan and got to see the place.

We made a Chinese Dragon Puppet and Chinese Lantern on Jan 17th @ Roberts. The boys loved doing it.


This month 2 of our friends celebrated their birthdays, (JanJan on Jan 15th and Aya on Jan 17).. Happy Birthday to both of you!

Meet my mischief maker...

After seeing the package (shipping supply) that was delivered by UPS he opened it immediately and made a mess.

He got a hold of the cereal container and dumped them in the floor. He thinks it's more fun to eat them from the floor than from the bowl.. What a silly boy!

We went to Utah Tech Recovery warehouse and daddy showed us around and showed Andrew how the forklift works. He had so much fun!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

It has been almost 2 months since I have been trying to blog Ammon and Abish story. As a few of you knew, I lost another angel baby last october 25th (3 years and 3 days after I lost Ammon). I haven't mentioned it in this blog since I wanted to create a new blog where I can write their stories. I didn't talk a lot about Ammon either since I started blogging a few months after I lost him. It was so hard for me to retype Ammon's story from my journal and his scrapbook but I finally got it done and posted. I would be working on Abish's story but it would take me some time (hopefully not for a very long time). Click on the picture at the top and it will take you to their blog.

Aaron is 19 months. He is such a handful and is very active. He loves to mimic Andrew. Everything that Andrew does (even a simple action like raising his hand) Aaron does it too. He is such a funny boy and he doesn't like wearing clothes inside the house. He loves to sing even if he can't say the words clearly. His favorite is "Once there was a Snowman" and he loves snowman.

Last week we spent some time with our friend who visited us from Singapore.. We had dinner one night at Olive Garden and that was the only time we took pictures. Here they are..

We had to wait for about 50 mins for our turn. Good thing Aaron fell asleep when we got in. Andrew was having fun for a few minutes until he got so hungry... Oh well, it was worth the wait since we all like eating there especially the boys..

I like our new church schedule 11:00 AM. I got more time to do something with my boys after church. On the first Sunday of this year we made alphabet shaped cookies and spelled out their names. They had so much fun! Aaron ate most of his cookies and Andrew only ate 1 :)

After eating his cookie, he grabbed the camera and gave it to Daddy so he could take picture of himself.. He is such a funny boy!

Monday, January 3, 2011

My boys New Year's pictures..

Just having some fun!

New year's day is also Nanay's birthday. Since she was alone we surprised her, we went to her house and brought some food and cake.. Happy Birthday Nanay! We love You..