Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today was a shopping day ( business shopping). We just did a few things and not for very long. It's really cold here. We did stop at Springs Preserve.
Springs Preserve is only a few miles from the Las Vegas strip and is a great place to take a day trip from crowds and noise of town. Known as the birthplace of Las Vegas, the site of the Preserve was once home to bubbling springs that were a source of water for Native Americans living here thousands of years ago. The Living Collections include desert tortoises, kangaroo rats, pocket gophers and other animals in their underground burrows, a bat cave that allows a peek into the intriguing world of these nocturnal desert dwellers, a Gila monster and other wildlife.

Lots of interactive games, educational kiosks, etc. Will appeal more to kids, with lots of good lessons in water conservation.

At night we walked around the Freemont Street. One of the most beautiful and awe-inspiring places to visit in Las Vegas is the Fremont Street Experience. With a free lightshow that operates daily, this is among one of the most popular Las Vegas attractions on the entire strip.

The Lightshow - The true Fremont Street Experience. The light show takes place on the Viva Vision screen, which is one of the largest screens in the world. With 12 million lights, and hundreds of thousands of wattage blasted into the sound system, the show is a breath taking, heart pounding affair that you will remember for years to come. As it is free, it is one of the most entertaining things to see while in Las Vegas. Of all of the Vegas attractions, the Fremont Street Experience can be a bit uncomfortable. As you have to look up and strain through large crowds, each show lasts roughly ten minutes, which allows you to take a break before getting to look up 90 feet above your head to see the display.

Andrew was in the mood of dancing as we walked our way back to the hotel. (sorry I took these videos in the wrong position and I don't know how to rotate them.)

This will be the last day of our trip. Tomorrow morning we'll be driving home. We sure had fun vacation and am glad to have spent the time with my family.

Friday, December 26, 2008

We went to San Diego’s Mission Beach this morning. It was too cold and very windy. We wouldn’t want to go because of the weather but since Russ promised Andrew that he would take him to the beach, we just went for a little bit. They built a sand castle and walk around the beach then we’re done. Andrew was happy that he got to go in the beach even just for a little bit.

After going to the beach we drove our way down to Las Vegas and we made some DI stops on the way. We also stopped to see the Redlands California Temple. The Redlands California Temple was the fifth temple built in California , the third built in Southern California, and the first built in the Inland Empire.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Today was another fun day for us! We went to SeaWorld and spent most of the day there. There were some rain showers and some of their rides were closed but it didn't stop us from having fun and having a wonderful day. The Shamu Show:Believe was my my personal favorite. The show was amazing and very entertaining. Their other shows were also great. Andrew got scared with the Sesame Street Lights Camera Imagination but it wasn't too bad. Their exhibits are good and well laid out. Overall a fun day out and a wonderful experience. I'm glad we decided to spend Christmas @ SeaWorld. It was kinda expensive but considering the fun we had it was worth all the money we spent.

We got to experience Dine With Shamu. That was our Christmas dinner. Dine with Shamu is Seaworld's most popular dining experience. We enjoyed a VIP treatment on Shamu's private poolside patio. It was a wonderful experience for us and the food was really good too.

Here's some videos I took of the Dolphin Discovery show. The show was amazing!

I wish you a special gift
on Christmas morn;
I hope you'll remember the miracle
of when Jesus Christ was born.
And let His light shine
upon you from above
and fill your heart
with the blessing of love;
for if you feel his presence
on Christmas day,
you'll keep Christmas
with you always.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Today was a long and busy day but we had a lot of fun! We woke up early this morning and drove down to LA to see the Los Angeles California Temple. The temple was closed for maintenance but the gate was open so we were able to get inside and took some picture. Andrew was asleep in the car that's why he's not in the picture.

The 257-foot high Los Angeles California Temple looms over famous Santa Monica Boulevard in Westwood. The spacious grounds are filled with a dazzling array of foliage including—to name a few—Canary Island Pine trees, several varieties of palm trees, Bird of Paradise trees, olive trees, and rare Chinese Ginkgo trees. Two fountains, a large reflection pool, and several family-themed statues further beautify the grounds. North of the temple, is a public visitors' center that showcases a representation of Thorvaldsen's Christus and also houses the popular Los Angeles Regional Family History Center. The temple grounds are all aglow at Christmastime when thousands of multi-colored lights decorate the numerous trees and features. Click here for more info of the LA temple.

We then stopped to see the Newport Beach California Temple. The temple was closed so we only took a few pictures.

The Newport Beach California Temple was the sixth temple built in California, the fourth built in Southern California, and the second built in the Los Angeles Metropolitan Area, following the Los Angeles California Temple (1956).

After seeing the 2 temples, we went to Legoland. Legoland California is a family theme park located between Los Angeles and San Diego. The park is divided into six themed areas and features over 50 rides, shows and attractions. The most impressive themed areas are Castle Hill, and Miniland USA; with Castle Hill having a medieval theme, and Miniland USA featuring recreations of several famous American landmarks all built from 20 million LEGO bricks.

Andrew had a blast! He was enjoying all the rides even the roller coasters. He has been waiting for this day to come when he could go to Legoland and seeing his smiles and his happy expressions during and after each rides was just priceless!

Then we went to Sea-Life Aquarium.
More than a standard aquarium, SEA-LIFE Aquarium provides an educational and interactive dynamic unlike any other. Featuring play zones, fun facts and quiz trails, SEA LIFE is designed to be a child’s guide to the life of the sea. The SEA LIFE voyage begins high in the fresh waters of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, continuing on to the San Francisco Harbor and finally journeying to the depths of the Pacific Ocean via the California shoreline. Along the way, families discover the lost ancient city of Atlantis and a sunken shipwreck. Visit the official SEA LIFE Aquarium website here.
SEA LIFE also features a seahorse kingdom where children can get their first look at these mythical creatures, a bay of rays where they can experience marine life up-close and a shoaling ring where they will be surrounded 360 degrees by schools of shimmering fish. As guests stroll through an acrylic tunnel, they will be immersed in the ocean without getting wet, surrounded by more than 20 species of sharks, fish and invertebrates. An interactive discovery zone, including the Southern California Tide Pool, also offers young visitors the opportunity to interact with SEA LIFE experts, get hands-on with interesting creatures of the ocean in a touch pool and participate in building their own coral reef out of LEGO brick.