Monday, May 20, 2013

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So Blessed by You, Mom 
A mother who always cares, 
A mother who’s always there.
 A mother who always prays,
 A mother who always stays. 
When things get rough, 
When life gets tough, 
When all is just too much to bear, 
God’s Word she shares. 
God’s light she shines. 
So blessed God made this mother mine. 

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Making Mother's Day Treats

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At The Cemetery.. Visiting Ammon and Abish.

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Foster Family Night @ Classic Fun Center on May 17. 

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Shopping for flowers and vegetables for our garden on May 10...

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Grandpa had a birthday on April 10. He turned 91 years old. We got together at Cracker Barrel with the family. It was nice visiting with them and the kids love seeing their grandpa and grandma..

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First time it got warm the boys got so excited  because they could ride their back !..Here's my  happy boys...

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

We've  had a lot of party since after Andrew's birthday party. We got together almost every weekend. 

 @ Tess and Mitsuki's Birthday Party

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Janelle's Birthday Party

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Jayne's parents Welcome Party

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