Sunday, January 31, 2010

We invited the missionaries for dinner last Friday and as they're about to leave Andrew told them he wanted to take a picture with them before they would leave.. He was so cute! Here's a pic of the full time missionaries and my future missionary :)

I finally got the time to sit down in my desk and got in my computer. I have been busy lately. Aaron has been moving all around the house and he keeps me busy most of the time but it's fun watching him and playing with my 2 boys. They are my joy...

I think Aaron thinks that the dishwasher is the most entertaining place in the whole house. He loves to get into it when his brother or sister would do the dishes..

My favorite time with Aaron is after I bath him and change to his jammies. He is so playful.. He can stand up on his own and would take some steps while holding on to something..

Andrew is going to music class every Monday and he's loving it a lot! Last week their assignment was to make their own instruments and he decided to make his own drum using Aaron's empty formula cans... So we made his drum and some other drums to give to nursery. It was a fun activity for us!

We took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese and invited Andrew's bff RJ. The had so much fun!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Been busy this week and been having a lot of parties too.. We had so much fun and enjoying the time together we had with our friends...

This was last Saturday Party @ Luzvi's house. Her son turned 7. Happy Birthday Declan!

Last Sunday, some of the PCDOM ( Philippines Cagayan De Oro Missionaries) - returned missionaries- got together and decided to do it in my house. I used to be the mission cook while they were serving there. We had a great time visiting and had so much fun reminiscing our mission memories.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

How time flies.. Aaron is now 7 months old. It's fun to see him grow everyday. He has started crawling 2 weeks ago and he's a pretty active boy. He loves to dance and bounce with Andrew. He loves to stand up and he can pull himself up to standing position from sitting. He loves to make a lot of sounds and started saying "mama" last week. He is such a sweetheart and I am so proud of my little boy..

I got my first haircut
as you can plainly see
Mom says I look handsome
And that she is proud of me.

Mommy kept a small lock of my hair
To remind her of this day
Another milestone I’ve crossed
In my life along the way

Andrew found a new buddy RJ. They love to play together and learn together... He considers RJ as one of his "best friends in the whole wide world".

They love to play Mario Kart together..

We attended Pep (Margie's sister) and Richard's reception last January 5th. They're a cute couple..