Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mikaela's Birthday Party Friday (October 28)

Family Night on October 24th was the Annual Pumpkin Carving ritual! Thankfully the kids wanted to do more traditional Jack-O-Lantern style designs which made it easier for us..

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 22nd,  Most who know us know what this day represents. It is 8 years now since the brief life of our precious Son Ammon Joshua Fisher both began and ended. It does not seem to get any easier reliving the memory of that fateful day when everything changed. Each year we visit to adorn Ammon and his Sister Abish's grave sites and spend a little time remembering their short lives, and the huge impact that they have had on ours. We took our pictures and released 8 balloons (one for each year) while we quietly remember them. 

Ammon and Abish, We do, and will always miss you. You are ever in our hearts and minds.

We joined some friends for the big trunk-or-treat on Hill AFB on October 21st! The kids had a lot of fun.

October 17th  was Aaron and Andrew's Piano Recital. They both performed very well and had a good time. Fun to see them learning so well.