Sunday, March 4, 2012


It's been a while since my last post. Life has been crazy and I'm busy and on the go most of the time. We welcomed 2 foster kids ( 3 1/2 years old girl and almost 2 year old boy) to our house last January 14 and they're still with us until now. It was a big change to our family but we had adjusted having 4 young kids around the house. Andrew loves being the " Big Brother" and is doing pretty well. Aaron is still adjusting having them around since he was the baby for a long time but they have a lot of fun when they play together and get along.

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We went to Chuck E Cheese on February 25. Everybody had fun especially our 2 foster kids.

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Free Hotdog

We shopped on President's Day @ RC Willey's and they had free hotdog.

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We had a great valentine this year. We decided not to eat out outside since every restaurant was packed that day. After putting all 4 kids to sleep Russ and I had a nice dinner together and open our present for each other.

We did a valentine craft on February 13 for our family home evening!

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I took all 4 kids for their dental appointment on February 13. My boys are cavity free as always and they love going to their dental appointment.


We went bowling @ Syracuse Fun Center on February 1 when we got invited to one of our friend's birthday party.

We also went last Thursday (March 1) during the party we had with the Dental Clinic I took the kids to. The kids love bowling a lot!

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