Monday, October 28, 2013

Ward Halloween Party (October 25)

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Sunday, October 27, 2013

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Friday, October 25, 2013

October 22 we adopted our 2 foster kids.. They've been with us for over 21 months and we have been having a lot of fun with them...

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  an excerpts from Russ's blog...

  Today was a wonderful day for our little family, and marks the beginning of a new phase of parenthood for my Wife and I!  After just over 21 months as Foster Parents we went before the judge and Legally Adopted our 2 precious Foster Children.  This has been in the plans for months of course, ever since their birth parents rights were terminated.  We had a grand time and made a Day out of it, including a photo shoot at the Temple in Bountiful, and a trip to our Bishop's office in the evening to give them their Name and Blessing (something I had been looking forward to as a father!).
     This date, of course, has great significance in our family for another reason.  On this day (October 22) in 2007 My Wife and I lost our baby boy Ammon who was born premature and lived for about 45 minutes. This Friday (October 25) will mark another important date for us, the day in 2010 when We lost our precious daughter Abish who was also born premature and lived 25 minutes or so. 
    October has ever since been a difficult month for Us and a melancholy time of year that we tried just to endure.  For this reason, and as a way to truly honor the memory of our little angel babies, we chose Today for the date for this Adoption and Friday to be the day we gather in the Temple of our God to Seal these sweet children to Us and our family for eternity!!  Memories of Ammon and Abish are naturally in my mind today especially as we took a few moments out to stop at the Cemetery to visit their grave site.  As bitter as was the loss of our little ones is the Joy we feel today to add these bright and vibrant souls to our family!
    One cannot change their history, only their future.  And today that is what we accomplished.  From this day on we will be able to look forward to this time each year, ever remembering the tender feelings we have for those who were taken from us, and reveling in the joy of that which has been given to us!   It has been said that "the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away", but in both the 'taking' and the 'giving' I have found within myself Strength, Direction, and Purpose that I know I could not have gained in any other way!
     To Ammon and Abish;  I have loved you both with a love only a father, deprived of his opportunity to show it, can understand.  I miss you every day and wish you could have stayed here to brighten my life.  You are mine, and I yours, Always!
     To my Newest Little Ones;  I promise to give you all the love I have and provide the family and home that you never were afforded before you came to us!  I count my life more fulfilled by your presence here and hope that I can help your lives to be so too.  You too are mine, and I yours, Always!

     And so, the 'circle of life' continues!  What's next?  Dunno... but I bet it'll be GREAT whatever it is!! 

Having Lunch @ Olive Garden

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@ Bountiful Temple

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Snow Canyon is named after early Mormon settlers Lorenzo and Erastus Snow. It was designated as a Utah State Park in 1958. Two canyons, West Canyon and Snow Canyon, begin side-by-side at the north gouging deeply into the sandstone of the Red Mountains, each canyon then running southward, slowly converging then finally meeting in the middle of the park.

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