Sunday, October 24, 2010

We attended the Halloween Party for Fe & Scott's ward. We had a lot of fun...

My Little Crocodile & Little Lion
Aaron was asleep when we got to church but we woke him up in time for the costume parade and trunk or treat.

Trunk Or Treat..

The Gang..

I've been having a hard time as Ammon's 3rd birthday/death anniversary was approaching. The thought of celebrating his birthday knowing he's not here with us is killing me. If he would have been with us I'm sure he has talked a lot now and he could have told me what kind of party he would love to have. Painful as it seems to be but I know Ammon is a very special child and he was needed up above. I'm eternally grateful to be a mother to my angel Ammon...

Other that visiting Ammon's grave, all I wanted to do was go to the temple and do a session. It was a great time to feel closer to my sweet Ammon. Happy Birthday baby boy! i wish you were here with us. I miss you and love you so much...

Andrew had his first school field trip last Thursday at the Tree House Museum in Ogden. He had a lot of fun and Aaron got to go too.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Aaron is a very rough and a tough boy, he loves to jump on the bed and on Monday afternoon he fell on his bed and landed on his toy truck that's where the black eye came from.. Thought he learned his lesson but he never did.. Aaron will be Aaron...

They're waiting for the dog to come.. @ Luzvi's house during Gina's going away party!

Allana and Aaron trying to dance together... (first dance? :) )

Last Tuesday we got together for Gina's (one of my friends) going away party. We had fun but we'll sure miss Gina.
God Bless You Gina and we will miss you!

We carved the pumpkins we got from the pumpkin patch last week for our family night. We had fun and and Andrew had fun discovering what's inside the pumpkin and it was so timely since they were discussing about pumpkin in his school this week.

Our treats...

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Jessica and Andrew had a fall break on Thursday and Friday. We did stuff so they can have fun while they're out of school.

On Thursday I took them to the Black Island Farms and we did a lot of stuff like hayrides (took us to their pumpkin patch and we got to pick our own pumpkin), cornfield mazes, corn box, corn cannon, pumpkin bounce, straw mountain and a lot more. The kids even got to feed some animals which they enjoyed doing a lot. Aaron had the best times (he was literally jumping for joy!)among the three he enjoyed it a lot and didn't want to go home..

On Friday we took the FrontRunner to Salt Lake with Elsa and Jannelle. The boys love riding the train and it's always fun for them.

We had lunch @ Thaifoon the food was really good.

The kids got to attend the pumpkin painting party sponsored by Utah Foster Care Foundation, they had other activities too and gave away some free stuff. They had fun while Elsa and I were shopping around.

After walking around we had ice cream @ Ben & Jerry's before we head home. It was good.

It was a fun day! Thanks to Elsa and Janelle for spending time with us...