Sunday, April 25, 2010

We had a fun and busy weekend as Jannelle one of my friend's daughter had a birthday party twice. On Friday we had a birthday party at her house. Everybody had so much fun!

Some pictures of my boys.. They're so much fun!

Then yesterday we went to Classic Fun Center for the part 2 of her birthday party.

Aaron and Andrew had a lot of fun bouncing.

Andrew wanted to learn how to skate. It was his first time and he was doing ok, he needs more practice..

The boys had fun playing in their tent after the party..

On his last day of his kindermusic class they were asked to wear an animal costume. Andrew was wearing a crocodile costume and he liked it a lot. Here's some pics of my little crocodile.

Monday, April 19, 2010

We're glad Spring is here! We have been outside having a lot of fun the past few days since the weather was nice.

Whether he's playing outside or not, Aaron is always a happy boy and can't help myself taking a lot of pictures of him especially when he's having a lot of fun playing..

Day 1..
The boys had fun with their cozy coupe and other toys. Aaron had fun pushing Andrew while he's inside the cozy coupe..
Day 2

Bubbles. Bubbles.. and more Bubbles!

Bubbles on my shoulders,
Bubbles on my knee,
Bubbles on the top of my head,
for all the world to see.

Day 3

Camy's Birthday Party

Camy was celebrating her 6th birthday party on Saturday at their
backyard. It was
a nice day and we all had a blast! The boys loved
the swing and Andrew was blowing
bubbles with Aaron. Twas so
much fun watching my boys!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

It doesn't matter what he is doing, if he is sleepy he would fall asleep even a warm water wouldn't wake him up.. He is one funny boy!

This happened a few times so I decided to take a picture of my funny boy. He loves bath time but when he's sleepy he would fall asleep in his bath time.

At 10 months Aaron is so much fun. He loves to smile and laugh all the time. He is such a joy! He loves to dance and play cars with Andrew. He can walk all by himself. He is a daddy's boy. He loves to be carried by his dad every time he sees him. He loves to hug and give Andrew a kiss. He makes a lot of different sounds. He eats everything I give him even a lot of Filipino food. I'm glad he doesn't have a lot of food allergies like Andrew.

Last Saturday was a fun day! We celebrated 2 birthdays (one of my friend's son Shawn and Jessica). In the morning we went to Chuck E. Cheese to celebrate Shawn's birthday, and in the afternoon Jessica and her friends watched a movie while we went shopping at the mall.
Jessica with 2 of her friends Janelle & Cally eating at the mall.

Aaron had a lot of fun playing at Chuck E.Cheese..